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Lincoln: Fresh from Abraham's Bosom
Lincoln: Fresh from Abraham's Bosom
Our Price: $6.00

First compiled during Lincoln's re-election effort the stories paint a picture of a wartime leader who never lost the common touch of his roots. Especially poignant are the tales when you realize that they were compiled in the darkest days of the Civil War when victory was not assured, or even Lincoln's own re-election. In addition to the numerous examples of the president humor, Lincoln: Fresh from Abraham's Bosom also shows Lincoln at his most eloquent and includes his first and second inaugural addresses as well as the famous Gettysburg Address.
Secrets of the Herrin Gangs, Jon Musgrave, Ralph Johnson
Secrets of the Herrin Gangs
Our Price: $9.00

Secrets of the Herrin Gangs by Jon Musgrave and Ralph Johnson. At the end of the Gang war in January 1927, with the Sheltons in prison and Charlie Birger on his tail, Johnson decided to get out and cash out, selling his story first to the St Louis Star and then across the country in a 10 part series that ran coast to coast. Now for the first time, Johnson's account has been combined in one volume and updated.

Southern Illinois historian Jon Musgrave follows up the inside account and reveals the unassuming Benton gangster behind the Ralph Johnson alias. A salesman and writer by trade, the young gangster found himself at the center of the war between Carl Shelton and Charlie Birger. Musgrave uncovers his history from the Herrin Massacre to 1950's Reno, Nevada.
Fandex Family Field Guides: Wildflowers
Fandex Field Guide: Wildflowers
Our Price: $10.95

Bringing the world of North American wildflowers to your fingertips, FANDEX presents a field guide that's as beautiful, practical and intriguing as the flowers themselves.

Die-cut images are sharp, the colors true, shapes life-like—identification is guaranteed. Plus a quick chart of vital stats includes family name, life cycle, range, and habitat. Accompanying entries cover the history and cultural significance of each plant—Columbine's use as a love charm, the wars fought over Wild Hyacinth, the medicinal power of White Sage—and detail its use in the home garden.
Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees
Fandex Field Guide: Trees
Our Price: $10.95

Bringing the world of North American trees to your fingertips, FANDEX presents a field guide that's as beautiful, practical and intriguing as the trees themselves.

Fandex Family Field Guides: Birds
Fandex Field Guide: Birds
Our Price: $10.95

Bringing the world of Birds to your fingertips, Fandex presents the ideal field guide.
The images are large, the details sharp, the colors bright. Each die-cut profile is unmistakable - it's like having the real bird in your own hand.
There are instantly accessible details about each bird's habitat, range, diet, nest, eggs and conservation status, as well as appearance, habitats and even song pattern, Plus "pigeon milk" and the Indigo Bunting's ability to navigate by starlight, how the Killdeer fakes injury to distract predators, and Benjamin Franklin's surprising nominee for America's national bird.
Fandex Family Field Guides: American Indians
Fandex Field Guide: American Indians
Our Price: $10.95

Crazy Horse, Kennewick Man, Navajo code talkers, and Geronimo, the unyielding Apache rebel. FANDEX American Indians introduces 50 North American tribes through their people, history, myths, and culture.
Legendary figures, from the Ottawa chief Pontiac to the Lakota warrior and mystic, Sitting Bull. Events of great historical moment-the tragic Cherokee Trail of Tears. And the tribes themselves, including the first native people to encounter Europeans- the Inuit, believed to have had contact with the Vikings around A.D. 984. It's a coat-to-coast visual encyclopedia, filled with portraits, historical photographs, artifacts, tribal artwork, and lithographs.
Fandex Family Field Guides: Butterflies of the World
Fandex Field Guide: Butterflies of the World
Our Price: $10.95

The Great Egg-fly, which flies over 1,400 miles over water from Australia to New Zealand. The prism-winged Blue Morphos, believed by some Amazon tribes to be bits of fallen sky. The African Giant Swallowtail, with a 12-inch wingspan, and the fingernail sized Pygmy Blue.

Bringing the fascinating world of butterflies to your fingertips, FANDEX presents a field guide to 50 of these vibrant and graceful creatures. Each entry features a die-cut, full-color image that makes identification simple and conclusive, plus additional photographs of the insects, often as caterpillars and pupae. Lively text covers life cycle, diet, habitat, gender variations, and the secrets of butterfly survival: camouflage, poison, and mimicry.
Audubon biography by Shirley Streshinsky
Audubon biography
Our Price: $18.00

Audubon Biography by Shirley Streshinsky
The Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois
The Bloody Vendetta
Our Price: $18.00

The Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois covers the deadly family feuds and Ku Klux Klan activities during the decade following the Civil War focused in the counties of Franklin, Jackson and Williamson. Milo Erwin wrote the first major account of the Vendetta during its immediate aftermath in 1876 as part of his History of Williamson County, Illinois. Now, Jon Musgrave takes Erwin's account and expands upon it with additional material from surrounding counties and further research into the characters who left such a mark on the region.
The Boy of Battle Ford by W.S. Blackman & Jon Musgrave
The Boy of Battle Ford
Our Price: $18.00

The Boy of Battle Ford by W. S. Blackman has served as a classic when it comes to descriptions of antebellum Southern Illinois and as well as life as a soldier during the western campaigns of the Civil War. Blackman turned 21 just weeks after the fall of Fort Sumter and the start of the American Civil War.